The Marine Conservation Society

Fluent is proud to be able to support the great work of The Marine Conservation Society and its aquatic efforts

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The Marine Conservation Society is a non-profit charity that tirelessly works to protect the UK seas. It’s mission has been clear since its founding in 1983 as “cleaner, better-protected, healthier UK seas where nature flourishes and people thrive.” Working with businesses, organisations and government, the difference it has made has been monumentally beneficial to the UK seas. In the last two years alone The MCS has undertaken so much great work – they have helped and educated 43 different communities across the country to take action and look after their own stretch of coastline. Also The MCS volunteer crew has spent over 35,108 hours cleaning beaches, removing a massive 284,451 items of litter (6,253 kg). Finally the Seasearch diving team has spent well over 10 weeks underwater, with a goal of logging over 30,065 different marine species and 787 dive sites within 78 different protected marine areas across around the country.

Fluent Money has supported The Marine Conservation Society for a number of years and fully supports its environmental efforts to protect the oceans for future generations.

To support the efforts of The Marine Conservation Society and to educate yourself on what you can do to help, click the link below