Fraud Warning

Warning to our Customers – scam pretending to be Fluent Money

Unfortunately, scammers can take advantage of our trusted and reputable position in the market, and we’re aware of the public being contacted by people pretending to represent Fluent Money.  

Please be aware that we do not cold call customers, nor will our customer services team ask for money or details from you unexpectedly. 

What are we doing about this?

We’re actively working with the relevant authorities to put a stop to this. Unfortunately, phishers target trusted companies like us, so it’s always important to be vigilant of cyber safety. We’ve included some tips below.

How can I spot a scam?

  1. Ask how the relevant person has acquired your details.  As mentioned above, we do not cold call or sell products to people that haven’t contacted us or one of our partners first
  2. Check the quality of any communications.  Do they contain spelling or grammatical mistakes?
  3. Does the email content seem suspicious? For example, we will never ask for money or any details from you unexpectedly

If you’re in any doubt, don’t open it. Give our customer services team a call instead and we can advise if it’s really from us by looking on our systems.

How can I spot a fake website?

The URL will always be a clear giveaway – our address is – if you see any other variation, it is not us.

If you receive an email you’re unsure of, please do not open or click the links in the email. Any email you receive from us will be immediately recognisable as coming from:





If you have fallen victim to a scam

  1. Contact the police
  2. If you have provided any bank details to the scammers, contact your bank immediately
  3. If the scam relates to Fluent Money – please let us know – we will report the crime to the authorities via Action Fraud

For more information please visit the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website: