How to Complain

Here at Fluent Money we take complaints very seriously.


Fluent Money is committed to providing you with an excellent quality service – you should find your dealings with us to be prompt, efficient and friendly. However, we recognise that on occasion you may have cause to complain.

If you do have a complaint about any aspect of the service you have received our staff will be happy to help resolve your concerns. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service from Fluent Money we would very much like to know so that we can try to put things right as soon as possible.

The Fluent Money Complaints Procedure aims to provide you with a swift and satisfactory resolution to any issues you have encountered or problems you may want to draw our attention to. If you have a complaint, we promise to:

  • Ensure that you are heard
  • Understand your complaint
  • Provide an explanation
  • Act as soon as possible to rectify the issue

How does it work?

Contact us on the telephone number or email address below. We’ll do all we can to deal with your complaint immediately. If your complaint cannot be resolved by the end of the next working day, we will write to you within five working days to acknowledge it has been received and confirm our understanding.

We will provide you with a response to any issues you have raised. We will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible.

If we are unable to fully respond to the issue within 28 days, we will contact you to explain why this has not been possible, keep you informed of the complaint’s progress and let you know when we will contact you again.

Within a further 28 days we will contact you again – either with a full response or reasons why we have been unable to provide this. If we are unable to provide a full response, we will inform you of any rights you have to refer the matter on to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

In the vast majority of cases, we are able to resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily by dealing with our customers directly. However, if you feel your complaint has not been fully or fairly dealt with, you may have the option of contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who may be able to take the matter further. You have six months from the date of our final response to refer your complaint to FOS.

Compliance Manager
Fluent Money, 102 Rivington House, Chorley New Road, Horwich Bolton BL6 5UE

T. 01204 472099

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service on 0800 023 4567 or via

Alternatively, you can write to:

Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR.